About Perfect Poults

Welcome to Perfect Poults, dedicated to the successful rearing of high quality, healthy and competitively priced game birds to local and national shoots.

Perfect Poults is based in Northamptonshire, and every year we rear in excess of 65,000 pheasants and partridges from day olds to release. Our rearing field is relatively exposed and at almost 600ft, any poults reared by us are strong, hardy birds. The rearing field is moved onto fresh ground as conditions dictate.

At Perfect Poults, we only source our day olds from closed flock suppliers in the UK. We do not source from users of imported eggs or chicks, unless specifically requested by the customer.

In addition to the employment of good husbandry techniques to ensure the welfare of our birds, we also utilise low intensity brooder sheds with thermostatically controlled overhead gas heaters to maintain the temperature, nipple drinkers to provide a clean water supply and Sportsman Game Feeds comprehensive range of pheasant and partridge feed.

From 3 weeks, chicks have access to unheated shelter pens and when the weather allows, lengthy clean grass runs. This means that when our poults come to your shoot they are well feathered, healthy and fit for purpose. We also use roosting poles in the runs (see picture) and it is not unusual for poults to be roosting well off the ground within a couple of nights if left unclipped.

The main strains we rear are:

Please contact for details.

Perfect Poults offer free delivery on orders over 1000 birds. For fewer than 1000 birds, delivery costs are subject to location and order size.

What our customers say:

Top quality well-feathered birds. Had six fantastic seasons since switching to Perfect Poults."

James Maplethorpe, Gamekeeper, Fawsley Estate

I would have no hesitation in recommending Perfect Poults. Good quality birds at an excellent price with fantastic service."

Trevor Moore, Gamekeeper, Long Buckby Syndicate Shoot
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